Yandex office in Moscow by Za Bor Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 1 Mar 2014 6:44 pm | Offices

The Za Bor Architects practice collaborated with the Yandex technology company for the design of several of their offices and we have already covered their office in Saint Petersburg (here) and their office in Kiev (here).

Since the company is always growing, the architects were commissioned to also design their headquarters in Moscow with the same atmosphere that promotes a positive work environment while also maintaining a similar identity through all their offices.

The project spreads over 63000 square feet and three floors with a diverse array of spaces such as meeting rooms or private cubicles. There are dimensional pods spread through the interior and they are enclosed to offer privacy while also having a transparent section for light.

This structure hosts the second Yandex office in the capital and it is located in a former Straganov-family building so the designers maintained the original interior with the brickwork and columns, leaving the communication lines and lightning visible on the ceiling.



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