Yandex Office Design by za bor Architects

By : Mark V | 22 Oct 2011 1:02 pm | Interiors, Offices

One of the most famous web companies from Russia, Yandex, is in constant expansion. The Kiev branch wanted a new office so the Za bor architects were designated to create a spectacular office design for Yandex.

The design is sustainable; the spaces seem comfortable due to the modern touch of the design. There was one little problem: the space is too small, only 290sqm, but the designers came up with a brilliant idea. An arched window allows natural light to fill in the spaces-making the overall design create the illusion of space. The office has the view of the opera house.

The za bor architects have designed other Yandex offices as well, but the office from Kiev is a bit different. The pieces of furniture are ergonomic and there are 15 workplaces. The reception area is innovative-the visitors can wait here and enjoy the symbols and the design of the room reminds us of the corporate colors of the brand.

The style of the office seems to imply a comfortable atmosphere where creativity and interesting ideas come to life.


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