World’s Most Expensive Apartment – The Sky Penthouse

By : Dennis Franklin | 6 Sep 2014 3:08 pm | Apartments, Featured

The Sky Penthouse is located atop the Odeon Tower in Monaco and it offers an overview of the city skyline from a height of almost 600 feet. The luxury apartment building was designed by the architect Alexandre Giraldi and was commissioned by the Groupe Marzocco real estate company with 70 residences that offer a view toward the coastline.

The penthouse has a water slide extending from the upper floor down to the circular infinity swimming pool and aside from this one there are several additional pools as well as a health center and in-house catering.

The project is estimated at a value of 400 million dollars, making it the most expensive apartment in the world and a single parking space at the Odeon Tower costs more than a typical American home. The penthouse will be available for purchase only next year and there will certainly be a race for it in a state where one in three residents are millionaires.


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