The Workshop by Guy Hollaway Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 11 Aug 2014 8:03 pm | Offices

The Workshop is a project designed by the practice of Guy Hollaway Architects in 2013 to extend a former nightclub located in Folkestone, Kent, UK and it was transformed into the headquarters of View London, a guide to London.

The office spreads over five floors with the ground floor designed as the “Factory Floor” and it functions as an incubator for the local economy with an addition to the creative quarter of the city and the other four floors contain the meeting and office spaces.

The historic façade was restored standing in front of the glass and a black color was added for contrast. The working environment is diverse and casual with an industrial slide allowing fast and fun transition from the upper floors. The fourth floor was added during the renovation and it was set back from the façade to leave room for a balcony on the south side that faces the sea.



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