Winsomere Crescent by Dorrington Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 17 Feb 2016 1:01 am | Homes

Located in Auckland, New Zealand the Winsomere Crescent house was designed by the practice of Dorrington Architects as a renovation that still maintains a lot of the original project but tries to open the home more toward the exterior in order to take advantage of the waterfront view and let more natural light inside.

The original house was a brick bungalow and since the clients enjoyed the way the house was detailed the new design focused on maximizing the view and light elements. This option led to a project that combines the old and the new structure with the house being composed of two older blocks and two new ones connected through a hallway and a set of stairs.

The existing block hosts two bedrooms, an office and an art deco bathroom while the new blocks host the living areas and the master suite in a block screened by cedar. The new blocks are located on a lower level and contain the guest bedroom, the bathroom, media room and laundry.

The project had the original brickwork stripped and painted white with double-glazed windows and timber as the additional materials to bring the house closer to modern standards.



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