Windhover Contemplative Center by Aidlin Darling Design

By : Dennis Franklin | 5 Feb 2015 11:30 am | Other

The Windhover Contemplative Center on the campus of the Stanford University is a sanctuary in the middle of the academic center which was created to offer security and relaxation to the students with a design that came into being through the collaboration between the Aidlin Darling Design studio and Rammed Earth Works.

The landscaping was also an important part of the overall aesthetic and it was done by Andrea Cochran with mature California Oaks. The rammed earth adds a natural tone to the outdoors which works very well with the surroundings and the sand, rock and clay also ensure the thermal and acoustic protection for the interior.

The walls were created to serve as backdrops for the paintings of Nathan Oliveira and the reddish brown tones on the weathered sandstone were blended with several other materials for some variation through the space. The ambiance inside is minimalist, almost ascetic since it wants to dismiss the thoughts and daily bustle of the academic life.


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