Wilo by Benthem Crouwel Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 10 Apr 2013 9:25 am | Offices

The main water pump manufacturer in The Netherlands, Wilo, through the aid of the practice of Benthem Couwel Architects designed in 2009 this building in the business park in Westzanerpolder.

The building provides a tubular volume that is wrapped in a welded aluminum façade and offers a sloping cantilever above the nearby water to offer an amazing design. The facades at the end are the representative ones, while the ones towards the water are transparent. The side facades were designed to be closed thus offering protection from the traffic noise nearby. The peculiar shape and materials of the building also offer an extra degree of dynamism to the road and improve its aesthetic.

The roof is made from a profiled steel sheet and the grooves in the steel sheets are filled partially with concrete to prevent the overheating of the interior. Each grove has two pipes through the concrete to provide cooling or heating according to the need as an additional heating feature. The concrete on the roof is a special mixture that provides a lighter one that also provides acoustic insulation.



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