White Rose English School by Horibe architectural firm Ltd.

By : Dennis Franklin | 6 Oct 2014 6:52 pm | Education

Located in Takatsuki, Japan, this joyous primary school was designed by the Horibe architectural firm Ltd. as a school where the children can learn English conversation as extracurricular education.

The White Rose English School has a child center in front of it and the designers needed to find a way of not overcrowding the street with cars during the end of the classes, so there are two gateways set up that permit the cars to drive into the school premise with ease.

The façade features a very playful design with semicircles as a way of expressing the ability of getting around through the world once you learn the English language and the front side sets the tone for the manner of learning which is joyous and fun.

The interior spreads over three floors with the ground floor being occupied by the main entrance, the private driveway, bicycle parking and car parking spaces. The second floor is where there are two classrooms, an open ceiling area and a waiting room as well as utility areas and the third floor contains two additional classrooms and the staff room.


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