Wanda Movie Park by Stufish Entertainment Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 6 Jan 2015 6:30 pm | Other

The Wanda Movie Park is the first indoor move theme park in Wuhan, China and it was designed by the practice of Stufish Entertainment Architects for the Dalian Wanda Group as a multi-dimensional experience that spreads over a surface of more than 100.000 square meters to host no less than six film venues.

The project contains 4D and 5D cinema screens, a flight theatre and a space theatre all of them created with the latest technology and an aesthetic that wants to showcase the rich local heritage. The shape of the project is inspired from the 2000 year old relic called the Wuhan Bianzhong bells from the Han Dynasty and it defines the whole geometry of the structure.

There are 24 bells, each covered in bespoke aluminum panels and a fluorocarbon paint to permit the cladding to clean itself when it is raining. The LEDs fill the gaps between the horizontal panels and they make the entire project glow during nighttime. The landscaping was also carefully considered with terraced planting, outdoor seats and water features that reference the agricultural practices of the region.


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