Wall Art Ideas – 20 DIY Models For Your Dream Home

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If you want to decorate one of your house’s walls and if you do not want to spend a lot of money then the best idea is to try something free such as a DIY project. Here we have 20 advices for any person with some imagination and creativity.

1. Bubble wall art design using yogurt cups


After finishing eating the yogurt keep the cups and try to create a modern and interesting model on your empty wall or even window. You can use any colors that you want in order to match the model with your furniture or even with your personality.

2. Use paper towel rolls for a tridimensional floral wall


If you want something that can transform your room from a boring and ordinary one into something extraordinary then this idea may be exactly what you need. All you have to do is not to throw the paper towel rolls and use them in order to create this amazing floral model for your walls. You can play with different models or colors by painting the paper towel rolls in your favorite shades.

3. Potato print art


This idea is perfect if you want to entirely transform a white wall into something spectacular. You need small potatoes that can be cut in two and used as stamps. Use and combine your favorite colors in order to obtain the effect that you need.

4. Use flourishes for a spectacular DIY wall art


This arrangement requires some imagination and more creativity but if you manage to create something interesting then the result is going to be an astonishing one. You need some wallpaper and flourishes and a lot of free time.

5. Wallpaper panels


If you like wallpaper but an entire wall may seem too much for your taste then you should take into consideration the idea of framed wallpaper panels. Look at the one in the photo, it looks so vintage and elegant.

6. If you are talented then you can always paint your walls


This can be by far the most interesting and creative idea but you definitely need some talent (or a talented friend who’s willing to help you). Here you can see a geometric model that’s perfect for a modern apartment.

7. Object silhouette diy art


Here is an interesting and innovative idea. You need some objects that would make good silhouettes and some interesting frames. You also need some spray paint and some imagination. This idea can be perfect for a child’s room especially if you manage to find some old toys for the silhouettes.

8. Geometric models using skinny painter’s tape


For such a bold and unique model you need to create a geometric pattern using skinny painter’s tape and then you can easily paint the canvas using your favorite acrylic shades. After that you have to peel away the tape and in the end the result is going to be marvelous.

9. Styrofoam and fabric diy wall art


Buy some Styrofoam, cut it into different sized pieces and cover it with your favorite fabric. The result is going to impress all you visitors.

10. DIY silhouettes using Styrofoam


I bet you didn’t think that Styrofoam could be so interesting when it comes to DIY decorations. Cut some silhouettes from Styrofoam and frame them for a more spectacular effect.

11. Painted wood wall art


This model is not difficult to make but you need to invest some time and creativity. You need a thin wooden board and some paint and liquid nails. Feel free to express yourself however you want while creating the painting.

12. Tissue paper wall art


You won’t need more than half an hour for this project and the results are going to be incredible. You need colored tissues and some white boards. Create your favorite pattern and expose it in your bedroom or living room.

13. Paint chip wall art


Save some paint samples from home improvement stores and add them on you wall using pins. Play with shades and lights until you are happy with the final result.

14. Paint chips in a more elaborate pattern


Look at the following photo. You can use the same paint chips as before but all you have to do is cut them until they can form this interesting model with intersected circles. You are going to need more patience but it totally worth it.

15. Porcelain plates wall art


Buy some white porcelain plates and some porcelain paint and use your creativity in order to combine some interesting colors and patterns. Then hang the plates until you obtain something nice and unique.

16. Postcard wall art


If you are a traveler by definition and if you have an impressive collection of postcards then you are going to find this idea as being a fabulous one. All you need to do is to add the postcards on the walls using pins and the effect is going to be a really bohemian one.

17. Paint and tape wall art


You can obtain a monochromatic painting if you combine tape and paint. You must remember that the tape must not be removed because it confers an unique aspect to the painting.

18. Modern chevron wall art


I bet you have a lot of shoe boxes in your house. If you don’t, you can always buy them from any shop for an affordable price. Use the tops of the boxes and paint them with floral or geometric patterns. Hang them and you have a modern wall art.

19. Fancy wallpaper mosaic


Wallpaper is also a great idea if you want to obtain something more romantic but yet modern. Choose several different patterns and combine them until you obtain the decorations of your dreams.

20. Cupcake wrapper wall art


Use different sizes of cupcake wrappers and combine them as in the following picture until you obtain something that you are proud of. The effect is going to be a very sweet one. You can also use colored wrappers if you want to make it look more modern.

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