W Hotel Verbier by Concrete Architectural Associates

By : Dennis Franklin | 23 Jan 2014 6:14 pm | Featured, Hotels & Spas

The first alpine and ski location of the W Hotel opened their doors recently in Verbier, Switzerland with an interior designed by the Concrete Architectural Associates studio and inspired by the carvings which the skis make through the snow.

The interior is very exquisite and although the hotel is in the middle of the mountains the luxury and amenities make you feel as if in the middle of a cosmopolitan city with elements that try to either complement or contrast the beautiful natural surroundings.

There are smooth lines and carved slopes that remind the visitors why they are here, since the Verbier mountains are a main attraction for tourists during the summertime as well as during winter, for mountain bike rides or for skiing.

The W Hotel is a part of the Starwood group and it features four traditional chalet-like building with a lot of wood as the main material and they are linked together through several contemporary glass atriums.



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