Volaris Headquarters in Santa Fe by SPACE

By : Dennis Franklin | 17 Jun 2015 4:19 am | Offices

The Volaris flight company created a new corporate office space in Santa Fe, New Mexico through the aid of the international architectural and design firm SPACE.

The project features high performance offices with a low cost that incorporates the values of the firm trying to become an extension of the experience that clients will have while flying with Volaris.

The headquarters is spread over two floors with plenty of informal areas for meetings or exchange of ideas to provide a relaxing and more efficient manner of communication. The open spaces assign no specific work areas for the employees to promote communication and casual interactions.

The decorations and materials used are waste components from the aeronautical industry such as airplane wheels or seats, and even some parts of the carcasses of planes, maintaining the firm specific through the plane motif which is also evident on the ceiling where an entire collection of large scale planes can be found.



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