Vodafone CEC by IO Studio

By : Dennis Franklin | 19 Jan 2015 1:20 pm | Other

The Vodafone Customer Experience Center was designed in 2011 as a presentation venue for the clients of the company and it is located in Prague, The Czech Republic.

The project was created by the IO Studio to offer a personalized tour that is adapted to the needs of each customer so that they get a ‘know how’ portfolio about the telecommunication technology and the services provided by the company.

The first area is a relaxation zone and the main presentation begins with a central “Onenet” object leading to the back section through a narrow corridor. This leads to two separated parts and then to the end of the tour.

The project needed to have a strong corporate identity that focused on the “Onenet” product. The ground floor is directly connected to the already existing Fuel Café and the spaces were separated through a glass wall only.

The geometry of the interior was created to give a unique experience of space to the customers that would be evocative of cyberspace and the furniture helps with this idea while also making the entire project mobile.


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