Villa Topoject by AND

By : Dennis Franklin | 5 Apr 2016 3:08 am | Homes

Built for a couple in the mountainous area of Gyeonggido, near Seoul, Korea, the Topoject Villa tries to integrate with the ground to become a land-building hybrid that brings the residents closer to the nature around them.

Designed by the architectural practice of AND (Architecture of Novel Differentiation) in 2010, the small valley where it is located slopes upwards and the house forms the private spaces by lifting the topography and offering a view towards the south. The location and surroundings offer a rural life in the middle of nature while also being close enough to the city so as not to feel isolated.

According to the designers the house is a mutant born through the combination of the land and the building and thus it tries to transform and surpass the usual object/landscape dichotomy. The interior has modern features but also has a lot of natural elements, like the wooden flooring and some vegetation that tries to blur even further the limitation of the exterior and the interior.



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