Villa Kogelhof by Paul de Ruiter

By : Dennis Franklin | 4 Dec 2013 6:24 pm | Homes

Villa Kogelhof is a residential project designed by Paul de Ruiter as a part of a protected 25 hectare plot in Noord-Beveland, The Netherlands.

The project features a contemporary architecture that integrates sustainable elements which make the house self-sufficient and carbon-neutral so that it impacts as little as possible the popular tourist attraction where a variety of rare animals and plants grow.

The project received permission to be built only if the land would be returned to its pre-agricultural state, so the owners planted 71000 trees across the site. The house has a simple geometry with two stacked cubic volumes one of them underground and the other one above the landscape with a transparent surface overlooking the surroundings.

The entrance into the house is at the subterranean level with the parking and storage spaces along with a bathroom and a workspace. The upper area hosts the living room and there are separate spaces where the kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms are spread.



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