Via Lattea Air-Filled Sofa by Mario Bellini

By : Dennis Franklin | 27 Dec 2015 9:42 pm | Other

The designer Mario Bellini created the Via Lattea collection focusing on recycled materials and it includes a series of sofas and seats filled with transparent bubbles and illuminated from inside.

The outdoor furniture is created for the lovers of avant-garde pieces and it is based on the idea of lightness applied to the balance between the internal pressure and the loads of the body that are mediated through coverings as the designer explains.

The idea is to create furniture that is in constant evolution due to the materials and technique used so that the recycled steel mesh and fibers are completed with colored LEDs inside the furniture to provide a dynamic ensemble.

Due to its unique features, this piece of furniture is also an extra source of light inside the house and there are various sizes and colors available although the price might be higher than the average couch since a three piece sofa costs 7800 dollars.



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