Vessel by Splinter Works

By : Dennis Franklin | 11 Apr 2016 3:23 am | Other

Vessel is an original bath created with carbon fiber and designed by the Splinter Works studio.

The bath hangs like a hammock creating the impression of floating and also pushing the relaxing sensation you have while resting in a hammock to the limit by allowing you to also take a hot bath in it.

The sculptural bath was designed to be used in a wet room and it is fixed with stainless steel brackets which can be hidden to make it even more impressive. There is a standing tap which is used to fill the bath and the base has a drain through which the water can be evacuated or where a downpipe can be installed.

Due to the carbon fiber used in its construction the weave is similar to the cloth used in a typical hammock and due to a foam core insulating the tub the water will remain hot for a longer time than usual. The standard model has 2.7 meters in length but there are also custom sizes available.



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