Vantan Design Institute Osak by eleven nine interior design office

By : Dennis Franklin | 29 Sep 2014 5:39 pm | Education

The Vantan Design Institute Osak was designed by the eleven nine interior design office in 2009 and it is located in the Chuo Ward of Osaka, Japan to refurbish the vocational school.

The designers wanted to create a setting that is more appropriate for the purpose so that the students can interact better with one another and with their teachers, so most of the separations were removed for a more open ambiance.

The chairs in the staff room act as partitions and they leave space for a visual connection between the areas to change the borderline while also permitting the air to flow through the interior. The color palette inside is highly minimalistic with white on the walls and ceiling combined with a wooden floor and there are some additional textural elements such as the cement reception area or the exposed brick wall that brings some warmth into the setting, making it cozier and more welcoming.

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