Uniform offices by Snook Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 28 Feb 2014 8:47 pm | Offices

The Uniform creative agency commissioned the Snook Architects practice to transform a large warehouse in Liverpool into an office building with a contemporary flexible design.

Spreading over a surface of 550 square meters, the warehouse became an office space which combines the work environments with meeting areas, private booths, spaces for model making and prototypes, electronic workshops, a photo studio and a large kitchen capable to host the entire staff.

The original purpose of the space was to store the items for the shops located on the lower floors of the building, and the illumination was provided by several roof lanterns that weren’t very effective. The new design offers neutral tones with touches of color to create a diverse setting and louvers were inserted to reduce the brightness of the sun.

The materials used are chipboard and plywood, chosen for their functionality, and most of the furniture was taken from the old Uniform offices adding recycled chairs for the canteen.



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