Trish House Yalding by Matthew Heywood

By : Dennis Franklin | 17 Aug 2013 3:26 pm | Homes

The architectural practice of Matthew Heywood designed the Trish House Yalding in 2013 named so due to its location in Yalding, Kent, England.

The exterior of the house features a daring geometry with a soothing color palette which combines black and white for contrast. According to the designers the façade is a response to the rural setting and it wishes to reflect the woodland through the aid of the raking columns that imitate the irregular bends of the trees and their branches.

The house has large areas of glass to fill in the blank areas of the structure and allow a communication with the landscape. The black and white color choice is traditional in the Kent region with weatherboards to represent the foliage that wraps the building and the rooms inside.

The overall shape of the building is that of a box and the designers chose this volume to act as a contrast and challenge to the surrounding nature with its irregular shapes by creating a dialogue between the organic surroundings and the contemporary structure.



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