Trendy Home Interior by Mao Lopez

By : Dennis Franklin | 14 Aug 2013 10:32 am | Interior Design

This interesting home interior is a creation of Mao Lopez using daring touches to provide a zesty interior that combines contemporary design with pop culture motifs. The designer implemented a décor that doesn’t require extensive modifications and expenses but is highly efficient resulting in a joyful and cozy interior.

The bathroom received decals to the shower screen to transform the space into a more dynamic one, while other areas have graphic art and wall decals to make them a source of inspiration and diversity.

The open plan living room is the central area of the house and it uses a neutral bright color palette with white as the predominant color on the walls and part of the furniture while there are also several touches of black on a rug and chairs to create contrast. The lounge area uses an orange rug and there is also a bit of orange in the kitchen to make the space warmer and offer extra diversity.



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