Traveler’s Apartment by Goodnova-Godiniaux

By : Dennis Franklin | 3 Mar 2014 6:16 pm | Apartments

Even a nomad needs some place to call home, and the French architects at the Goodnova-Godiniaux practice were commissioned by such as person to create a suitable abode for his lifestyle located in Moscow, Russia.

The design of the space took almost two years and in 2013 it was finally completed with a lot of design ideas such as the storage compartments and cabinets all having the shape of luggage and travel suitcases. Spreading over a surface of 150 square meters, the apartment has a rectangle shaped layout with a modular setting to divide the functions inside.

The material used for the cladding is mutene timber and it allows each room to connect with the others into an organic whole that is warm and highly consistent. The kitchen flooring is made of cement tiles and the shower room boasts tartan mosaic, while the bathroom has tiles decorated with balloons and the office space has wallpaper that looks like a bookshelf.



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