Transportable tourist tower by Jose Pequeno

By : Mark V | 11 Oct 2016 3:47 pm | Other

The architect Jose Pequeno from Portugal along with the aid of Domingos Da Silba Teixeira S. A. designed a transportable tower for the Shanghai Expo of 2010 that toured the world ever since.

The structure is prefabricated and it includes the newest technology, while its materials are renewable and recyclable wood and glass. The surface it covers is just 10 square meters and it has three stories, with a façade that has different screen and panelfilters to adapt to the light and climate of each location thus making it as functional as possible.

In the small space there is a bathroom, a kitchen, a dining area, living space, a study, a bedroom and a rooftop deck;and, above all this, the space can also be turned horizontally with a crane to that you can actually stack the towers one atop another and create a composite as is shown in the pictures.

The basic principles guiding the design are the economic viability that the structure offers, its use of environmentally friendly materials and also of solar panels, and its natural design and materials providing an original and highly flexible whole.


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