“Tournesol” Swimming Pool Refurbishment by Urbane Kultur

By : Dennis Franklin | 20 Feb 2015 10:28 am | Other

The “Tournesol” Swimming Pool located in Lingolsheim, France was designed by the Urbane Kultur architectural practice in 2014 to update the 183 pools built in the country during the 1970s by Bernard Schoeller.

The elegant structures have a good relationship with the surrounding due to the large sliding doors that provide sufficient natural light and the self sufficient domes make extensions quite difficult to create. The designers wanted to preserve the simple and efficient original design, so the extensions built over time have been demolished to liberate the area with the movement of the changing rooms. This modification allowed three stainless steel basins to be set under the dome’s protection.

The extension incorporates the entrance hall, changing rooms, offices and technical rooms that are all independent from the pool hall, wrapping the dome but leaving it intact at the same time due to the “boomerang” layout of the extension that has a landscaped patio between the two structures.


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