TJAD New Office Building by TJAD

By : Dennis Franklin | 3 May 2013 4:25 pm | Offices

Located in Shanghai, China, the architectural practice of TJAD designed their office building with a design that inspires stability and security.

They used clear geometric mass and horizontal lines, modern materials and an open design to renovate the former Bus Garage no. 1 which was built in 1999 and transform it into a fully operational office building. The original garage had three floors each with a height of 5-6 meters and a concrete-framed structure.

The renovation project was very extensive since the building was formerly designed for buses and now had to become a lot more attractive for humans, rather than vehicles.

The designers took into consideration the integration of the two internal courtyards so as to solve the spatial scale problems and provide some orientation and fluidity to the interior. Thus the new structure received a lot more functionality and provided a connection between the spaces on the different levels while also integrating a bit of nature inside.



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