Tiny House by Macy Miller

By : Dennis Franklin | 6 Dec 2013 8:32 pm | Homes

The architect Macy Miller designed this very interesting residential project in Meridian, Idaho which she called Tiny House, being a 196 square feet home built on the bed of a eight feet wide flatbed trailer not for the mobility it provides, but rather to have a work around from the building permits and codes.

This doesn’t mean that the house isn’t safe, but the designer wanted to reduce the project’s costs as much as possible while also making as little impact on its environment as possible. With this idea in mind, the materials used are reclaimed, recycled or leftover ones.

The project began in December 2011 and it is a normal home but in a miniature version combining traditional and contemporary elements. The exterior is made of wood with a small deck, while the interior is cozy and warm with a long and narrow plan that doesn’t leave too much room for living spaces but it contains a small kitchen, dining area, work space, bathroom and a sleeping area.



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