The Yardmaster’s Building by McBride Charles Ryan

By : Dennis Franklin | 16 Mar 2013 11:03 am | Other

An original design by the architect McBride Charles Ryan can be found in Melbourne, Australia in the shape of the Yardmaster’s Building.

The environment is filled with rail yards and the building is placed between the tracks at the end of the platforms 5 and 6 and has multiple purposes for various workers and operations of the Southern Cross Rail Yard. Due to its uses these kinds of buildings are usually designed in a standardized, often boorish way, due to their inaccessibility for the public. But the designer took into consideration that the building is often times spotted by the travellers and if it were given an original shape it will attract attention.

The shape resembles a gigantic jewelry box and the minute patterns and sophisticated façade not only make the building a mystery for those who see it, but they also reduce the energy consumption considerably and increase the thermal performance. The windows were sealed from airborne particles and fumes to provide optimal working environment and each has a unique shape to further increase the aesthetic qualities of the building.

The entire project was designed to last and provide a low maintenance with robust materials and a lot of sustainability options, all of this with an original and eye catching exterior.



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