The Wave in Vejle, Denmark by Henning Larsen Architects

By : Mark V | 7 Jun 2015 6:57 pm | Featured, Infrastructure, Urban

Henning Larsen Architects designed a one-of-a-kind project in Vejle, Denmark after winning the LEAF Award. The residential project is meant to become a new must-see, aiming to blend in with the atmosphere and surroundings in an original way.

The reflecting nearby water makes the buildings a bright flickering white during the day reminding us of the nearby fjords and hills. During the night it resembles a magnificent mountain of multicolored light.It manages to be a perfect transition from the city to the bay next to it, and due to its form and position it was named “The Wave”.

Inside the building there are nine stories comprising 100 apartments of different sizes, some with two levels, and all of them with a splendid view from all of the balconies. Also in front of the building there is a public promenade.

After its completion the project won several new awards from renowned magazines and also won the craved Civic Trust award!


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