The Shanghai Tower J-Hotel will open in 2014

By : Mark V | 22 Oct 2011 12:01 am | Skyscrapers

The Shanghai Tower J-Hotel will be the highest hotel in the world and the second tallest building when it will be finished in 2014, being the tallest skyscraper in China as well. Its location will be in the middle of the financial and trade zone in Shanghai, Lujiazui, next to Jin Mao tower and Shanghai World Financial Center.

It is 632 meters high and it has 128 stories. The Houston-based architectural designer called Marshall Strabala designed the tower. He is known to involve in projects that imply tall buildings. He designed 3 of the world’s 10-tallest buildings, these being: the Burj Dubai, the world’s tallest building and the 420-meter (1380 feet) Nanjing Greenland Financial Center in Nanjing China.

Being the tallest building in China, the tower will also offer the highest open air observation deck in the world. It will be a multifunctional skyscraper, hosting office spaces, an impressive hotel and cultural and retail venues. It will also have 3 floors of parking below ground level and it offers access to the Shanghai Metro as well. It is commissioned by Shanghai Tower Construction and Development Co., Ltd.

The structure of the tower is peculiar, it is made out of 9 cylindrical buildings one atop another. The façade is double skinned and the inner layer seems to wrap around the stacked buildings. The second skin is the exterior layer itself, shaped as a triangle. This layer seems to rotate. Nine atrium sky gardens can be found between the two façade layers.

The hotel has reserved the 84th to 110th floors of the Shanghai Tower.The hotel belongs to Shanghai Jin Jiang International Hotels (Group) Co., Ltd. (Jin Jiang Hotels).258 extravagant guestrooms will await for its visitors and the hotel lobby will be found on the 101st floor.By the time it opens-whether it`s 2014 or 2015 ,the hotel will be the world`s tallest luxury hotel and it will surpass the current tallest hotel which is Park Hyatt Shanghai.

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