The Scotts Tower in Singapore by UNStudio

By : Mark V | 13 May 2015 5:43 pm | Skyscrapers

The Scotts Tower is a future skyscraper that’s going to be located in Singapore, designed by the architects from UN Studio. The concept was a simple, yet a pragmatic one: the designers decided to maximize the work, play and living areas and to conserve space in the same time, by adding flexibility in the structure of the tower.

The tower is part of the SOHO brand and its location was well chosen, a luxury shopping district, in the proximity of Orchard Road.The structure offers spectacular views of the skyline of Singapore and the nearby park.

The Scotts Tower is a 31 storey building,with 18,500 m2,a 231 unit skyscraper that mainly functions as a residential area with apartments that range from 1 bedroom each up to 4 bedroom penthouses and other additional facilities that the building has to offer are sky terraces,penthouse roof gardens and other.

The highlight in the design is represented by the penthouse roof gardens as well as the individual terraces.These green areas create an interesting effect in the design of the building.The vertical concept was adopted in the design of the structure and three areas were involved: the city,the home and the surrounding areas.

The urban style of the architecture of the tower seems to divide the residential areas into four. The interior design allows flexibility so the inhabitants of the four residential areas can turn their apartments in anything they want to, adopting various interior design styles.

The corner terraces offer views of the city and of the natural landscape near the building. The balconies seem to be part of the interior elements of décor thanks to the details that the designers added in the structure of the balconies.

On the western part of the tower you can find a green spot that was added to the tower with an innovative design from Sitetectonix. The ground level green area offers recreational facilities to the residents of Scotts Tower. A 50 meter lap pool ,dining and BBQ pavilions, massage and gym spaces, a children`s pool as well as a wellness pool are all additional features that give the entire residential area a feeling of luxury,relaxation and comfort.

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