The Mantes-La-Jolie Water Sports Center in Paris

By : Mark V | 5 Feb 2013 11:34 am | Indoor Arenas, Sport Arenas

Located in the Quartier des Peintres, Paris, the Mantes-la-Jolie water sport center is a breath of fresh air in the public housing projects in the Val-Fourre, on the banks of the Seine River, which were started more than ten years ago.

This project was meant to provide a means of uniting the landscape and the urban surroundings, thus the designing firm of Agence SEARCH allowed themselves to try out something new and original.

The location is close to the Vexin hills and thus the roof of the building received a greed color and an undulating form that tries to emulate the shape of these hills. Thus the entire design is conceived as a part of the landscape and every aspect was meant to increase the similarity between the two.

The façade facing the city offers a mashrabiya entrance and uses several sponge-like cavities to carry this effect inside the building, such porous motives reminding of the aquatic purpose of the building and offering a quick accommodation to the place.

Along with the undulating elements these design tricks manage to give a sense of calm and offer a new image to the usual box-like geometries that modern architecture usually tends to.


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