The International Cricket Hall of Fame by Turner

By : Dennis Franklin | 8 Apr 2016 3:14 am | Museums

The International Cricket Hall of Fame was designed by the Turner architectural practice as an extension of the Bradman museum in Bowral, Australia.

The extension wishes to act as a compliment to the existing buildings which surround the Glebe Park oval and is located at its outer edge. Both ends of the curved wall are cantilevered and separated by a band of glazed windows floating a few centimeters above the ground.

The east side offers a view and opening toward the Glebe Park and the west side hosts the new entrance and a café toward the St. Jude Street.

The interior was arranged so that it will fit the exhibitions planned and each exhibition space has its own scale and shape. The metal cladding and masonry are completed by a green glazing to act as an answer to the park nearby.

The project incorporates several sustainable features to make the building eco-friendly through measures such as water collection and reuse or photovoltaic cells for the illumination outside.



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