The ESPA Spa by Hirsch Bedner Associates

By : Mark V | 15 Aug 2011 10:38 pm | Hotels & Spas, Interiors

Hirsch Bedner Associates or simply HBA designed the world’s highest spa, the ESPA spa, located on the 116th to 118th floors of the Ritz Carlton hotel in Hong Kong. Since the spa is located at amazing height in the skyline of Hong Kong, the architects wanted to create an urban escape in the skies, making this a perfect relaxation spot while enjoying stunning views of Hong Kong.

From the ESPA spa, guests could enjoy breathtaking views of Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong Island and the New Territories as well. The spa is located at more than 1,000 feet above the busy streets of Hong Kong and from the spa guests will feel totally insulated from the traffic below but will still be attached to the city thanks these amazing views.

The spa’s height provided HBA’s concept inspiration and the final result is a sanctuary of softness in a high and manic place, a cocooned and protected spa right in the clouds. To allow the guests to feel “cocooned among the clouds” in this 10,000 square foot spa, HBA planned spaces without any sharp corners, with all edges rounded and curved walls.

[HBA Design]

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