The Eiffel Tower Transformed Into a Gigantic Tree?

By : Mark V | 3 Jul 2015 4:08 am | Other

Breaking news: The Eiffel Tower might be turned into a gigantic tree. How is that possible? Well, the project goes this way: you take 600,000 plants and you cover the tower with them. The 324 meter tall tower will have around 12 tons of rubber tubing that await for bags to be planted with greenery.

The entire project is estimated to cost 72 million Euros (97 million US dollars) but the plants that would cover the most famous symbol of Paris would eliminate 87.8 tons of carbon dioxide in the surroundings. This project was supposed to be kept as a secret but Le Figaro found out about it and the newspaper published an article called “The Crazy Plan to Cover the Eiffel Tower in Plants”. The people that came up with this idea were mentioned in the article,too.

They are the representatives of Ginger Group and they have taken into consideration many aspects and structural problems that might arise from this project. They estimated that the total weight of the plants wouldn`t exceed 378 tons and they also came up with a design for an irrigation system that would keep the plants into perfect shape.

This idea is part of a bigger project, the architects wanting to insert a sustainable design in the city of lights. The designers have already started growing the plants in a small suburb in Paris so that they can be handled in spring and they estimated that June would be the perfect month to start the project.

For those of you who are a little conservative, the tower will keep its shiny lights,since the designers thought to add LEDs to the greenery so that the tower will be illuminated every hour of the night. Although the project seems very nice and the initiative –of offering Paris a sustainable tower,we think the project is unlikely to be accepted.


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