The Cascading Creek House in rural Texas

By : Mark V | 26 Nov 2011 10:58 pm | Homes

Set in rural Texas, the Cascading Creek House was designed in such a way to fit the topography of the site with Bercy Chen Studio, the company responsible with this challenging project. The sustainable design can be observed right from the start since the roof was made in such a way to be able to collect the rainwater, looking like a natural basin that also has photovoltaic and solar hot –water panels.

The heating and cooling of the house is done with the use of water source heat pumps and radiant loops while geothermal ground loops, pools and water features represent the climate system of the residence.

The house is set in a low profile, practically changing the aspect of your typical American suburbia house and the sustainable design is eco friendly, it is not overbearing the surroundings and this cascading creek house fits with the surroundings.

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