The BMW Welt invites you in the BMW World

By : Mark V | 31 Oct 2011 1:28 am | Landmarks, Museums

BMW Welt actually means BMW World and the name of this building pretty much sums it up. The facility functions as an exhibition area and it`s also customer friendly oriented. Its location is in Munich,Germany near BMW Headquarters and Olympiapark. The BMW Welt exhibits the current products from BMW but it also functions as a distribution center for BMW cars.

Apart from that the company decided that this place can very well host event forums and it can also have a conference center. The construction of the building took some time. Work has started in August 2003 and ended in the summer of 2007. It was supposed to be open for World Cup 2006 but this wasn`t possible, the BMW Welt opening and welcoming customers on October 17,2007.

The project and the overall design was accomplished by architects Coop Himmelb(l)au for BMW Group. Architect Prix had in mind a multifunctional building. The sustainable design was a major plus to the overall project. The BMW Welt has an 800 kilowatt solar plant on its roof and the design doesn`t remind us at all of a boring,usual hall.

It exhibits beautiful BMW products,it also functions as a market place if you take into consideration the supply-demand tendency nowadays and it also has a communication center and a meeting place where people can interact, where staff can be trained and exchange ideas to help the brand evolve and improve.

But let`s take a better look at the interior. You can find here stairways,the bridges seem curved and the balconies seem to hover in the air. There is a bold architectural design that immediately pops up ,drawing your attention:the double cone of the building.

The structure is mainly made of steel and glass and it has a triangular shape, 16,500 m2 of solar panels and a roof that seems to hover over BMW Welt. It weights 720 tons,the diameter is of 45 meters and it`s 28 m high. If the lighting is perfect, the structure reminds us of an asymmetrical hourglass.

The two cones differ a bit, the lower cone being covered with tempered glass that has 8mm in thickness while the higher cone –in addition to the tempered glass,also has layers of laminated safety glass.The sustainable design applies for the interior as well since you can find there perforated stainless steel panels-this helps slow down the UV ingress.

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