The beautiful Ponte della Musica in Rome

By : Mark V | 18 Jun 2015 4:47 am | Bridges, Infrastructure

Ponte della Musica in Rome, Italy has a historical importance because it is the first public footbridge to ever cross the Tiber since Roman times and it was designed by Buro Happold. The bridge is meant to function as an open public space capable of hosting fairs,ex hibitions and festivals and it can very well work as a tram and bus route,too.

It was publicly opened in May of this year by the mayor of Rome,Giovanni Alemanno and the bridge connects the Olympic stadium that can be found on the west bank of Monte Mario with the Quartiere Flaminio. Ponte della Musica is a 200 m long bridge and the distance between the springing points is of 130m.

The steel deck is supported by two leaning steel arches and the springing points are very useful since they house staircases that allow access from the river bank to the deck level.On every side of the bridge the project included a change of the surroundings,making the whole area be capable of functioning as a public space.

The association between Buro Happold‘s Chief Bridge Engineer, Davood Liaghat and London based architect Kit Powell-Williams working with Rome based engineering firm C. Lotti e Associati brought 11 years of creativity and vision that finally turned into this bridge.

There was an open competition in 2000 held by Commune di Roma and Buro Happold managed to win it with his creativity and talent and this is how Ponte della Musica was brought to shape.

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