The beautiful Aqua Tower in Chicago

By : Mark V | 10 Oct 2011 5:33 pm | Skyscrapers

Located in Chicago, the Aqua Tower is an 82-story high skyscraper that has multiple uses. It functions as a hotel, it also has an office space, it includes apartments, condominiums and a parking lot. It covers over 1.9 million sf. Its trademark is the green roof terrace-it’s one of Chicago’s largest terraces. Placed at 80.000 sf it has its own outdoor pool, a yoga terrace, gardens, a running track and fire pits.

The designers wanted to capture the idea of undulating shapes; this is why each terrace is unique. The outdoor terraces represent the contour that defines the Aqua Tower. The structure of the skyscraper allows view of the neighboring buildings. The terraces differ in shape from floor to floor.

The designers created each terrace in accordance with the view, the solar shading and the type of floor they would represent (office, hotel, apartment). If you view the tower as a whole, the terraces seem to make the building undulate, the designers thus combining the functional idea of the building with a contemporary style.

The tower was completed right on time because digital tools were used to calculate and recreate the variation in the shape and size of the floor slabs. It’s a key element for Chicago, since the tower hosts workers, tourists and residents in a welcoming, unique shaped skyscraper.

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