The Bad Ems Thermal Baths by 4a Architekten

By : Dennis Franklin | 12 Mar 2013 8:48 am | Hotels & Spas

The practice of 4a Architekten designed the Bad Ems Thermal Baths which were finished at the end of 2012 and the total cost for the project was 17 million euros and want to bring comfort to a new level.

The spa is located on the Lahn River in-between the Kaiserbrücke bridge and the Lahn Island; and its main focus is set on the health and relaxation of the guests thus offering them a sauna park, a thermal pool, a wellness gallery and a fitness panorama all under the slogan of “wellness by the river”.

The original baths were deconstructed and the new design tried to get its shape from the surrounding environment using pebbles from the nearby river to decorate different areas and they became a recurring theme throughout the project.

The façade is made from white aluminum sections that resemble pebbles and the aperture has a nonlinear shape making it more natural with the aid of the curves. From the exterior the baths have large areas of transparent glass surfaces and these combine with several closed façade elements, such as the sauna which is paneled with Siberian larch wood.

With such a varied design and so many tempting facilities the Bad Ems Thermal Baths are really impressive and combine the contemporary design with the atmospheric and natural elements to offer the highest degree of relaxation and comfort that you can dream of.



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