Textilmacher by tillicharchitektur

By : Dennis Franklin | 19 Aug 2014 6:15 pm | Offices

Textilmacher is an office and production space for a textile print and embroidery company located in an industrial area to the north of Munich, Germany and it was designed in 2013 by the practice of tillicharchitektur with a sculptural folded façade.

The structure acts as a landmark in the area due to its exterior that creates interplay of light and shadow on the matt surface of the anthracite concrete that adapts to the weather and light outside. The building was raised quickly due to the prefabricated parts and the concrete façade ensures good insulation.

There are four formworks and modules of up to 6.6×3.9 meters providing the exterior, insulation and shell after which they were placed together in a manner similar to that of a puzzle. The interior is highly open and bright to provide the best functionality possible for the production process and the materials chosen are polished concrete on the floor, larch wood for the windows and white coated steel.



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