Tele2 Arena by White arkitekter

By : Dennis Franklin | 28 Apr 2014 9:38 am | Sport Arenas

The Tele2 Arena located in the Globe district of Stockholm, Sweden is a multipurpose arena designed by the White arkitekter practice with an asymmetrical shape and a transparent façade to remind of the Nordic light.

The arena can host up to 30000 spectators for sport events or 45000 for concerts and the project is the result of a decade of involvement from the designers offering an accessible destination which allows unobstructed views of the surroundings and an inviting presence.

The façade is made of perforated metal and from the inside there are transparent external walls to create a connection with the urban landscape. The roof is retractable to ensure extra flexibility and make the project even more open when possible.

There are large public areas integrated into the Arena with new retail spaces, hotels and offices developed in its vicinity. The Arena was classified according to the Miljobyggnad certification system for its inclusion of sustainable features such as its proximity to public transport routes, bicycle parking spaces, upgraded footpaths from the stations and Scandinavian construction materials which reduce the transportation costs.



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