Tarrytown Residence by Webber + Studio Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 21 Aug 2016 12:10 pm | Homes

The practice of Webber + Studio Architects designed the Tarrytown Residence in 2005 which is located in the Tarrytown neighborhood west of Austin, Texas but features an aesthetic influenced heavily by the Eastern style due to the passion which the owners have for the Balinese design and for Zen philosophy.

The house wishes to create the feeling provided by a vacation house and this is accomplished through the wooden façade and the extensive outdoor space with a large lounge. The exterior is also surrounded by abundant vegetation and there is a large swimming pool available.

The interior was designed for a family and their two children so comfort was important along with a functional space. The end result is somewhat similar to a mountain chalet with floor to ceiling windows surrounded by a wooden frame, a modern fireplace in the middle of the living room and an overall bright and warm color palette.



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