Taiwan Apartment by WCH Interior

By : Dennis Franklin | 24 May 2015 8:27 pm | Apartments

Although the space covered by this apartment is extremely small, the designers from WCH Interior did their best to make it feel more spacious and also transformed it into a very elegant and comfortable home for the owners.

Located in Taiwan, this wonder of organizing used the modern minimalism to provide a design that rids itself of all the useless elements and aims at the practical and at the beautiful simplicity of color and shape.

No extra furniture was used apart from what is strictly necessary and the additional decorations also are kept to the minimum. The living space was designed as a multipurpose space with a grey sofa and a TV set on the wall and with a bed across from the TV to provide a comfortable position when watching a show of film.

The palette for the apartment uses neutral shades to provide a calming ambiance and with the aid of the light colored wood some warmth and texture enriches the space.



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