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S House by Tanju Ozelgin

By : Dennis Franklin | 20 Feb 2016 1:07 am | Interiors

Tanju Ozelgin designed the interior of the S House located in Istanbul, Turkey which combines the contemporary style with plenty of natural elements that is adapted to the owner’s needs and also acts as a complement to the surroundings. The interior predominates in natural stone and wood textures which bring it closer to nature but also create an elegant setting through the incorporation of modern conveniences. Each floor has a different motif and due to the sloped site the entrance…

T House by Tanju Ozelgin

By : Dennis Franklin | 1 Apr 2014 7:21 am | Interiors

The designer Tanju Ozelgin creates very elegant and original contemporary spaces as we have previously seen in his S House (here) and now we will take a look at a somewhat contrasting interior with darker tones, a project he called the T House and which is located in the Bosphorus district of Istanbul, Turkey. The decorative elements were carefully chosen and placed so that they create the perfect ambiance when combined with the dark tones of the living space and…

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