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Piece of Paradise bar and dinner by Studio Mode

By : Dennis Franklin | 2 Mar 2015 7:46 am | Restaurants & Bars

The Piece of Paradise bar and dinner venue in Bulgaria was designed in 2013 by Studio Mode with a rich interior featuring 3D geometric patterns on the walls to continue the shape of the space which is an irregular hexagon. The designers opened one of the corners to link it to the terrace and thus the interior is connected with the outdoors. The complex patterns inside needed precise calculations and the designers explained that “We mastered the disordered hexagon to…

Graffiti Cafe by Studio Mode

By : Dennis Franklin | 21 Jun 2014 8:38 am | Restaurants & Bars

The Graffiti Café in Varna, Bulgaria was designed in 2011 by Studio Mode who wanted the interior of the project to continue the architecture and its geometry. Spreading over a surface of 300 square meters, the café has two distinct zones to increase the overall functionality, so the front zone integrates with the exterior and acts as a public space, while the rear zone has a separate floor and roof design which reduced the depth of space but maintained the…

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