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Angkasa Raya skyscraper in Kuala Lumpur

By : Mark V | 29 Jun 2015 8:36 am | Skyscrapers

Kuala Lumpur will have another spectacular skyscraper apart from the Petronas Twin Towers that were the tallest buildings in the world between 1998 and 2004. The new tower is called Angkasa Raya and it is designed by Ole Scheeren. It will be 268 meters high and it will also include a four storey high tropical garden that will be positioned in the middle of the skyscraper. What has the new tower to offer?On the lower levels of the building cafes,car…

Umeda Sky Building features the World’s Highest Escalator

By : Mark V | 20 Jun 2015 5:28 pm | Skyscrapers

The building was designed by Hiroshi Hara and the constructors were the people from Takenaka Corporation. The structure is called this way because it is located in the district of Kita-ku, Umeda in the northern part of Osaka. The entire structure is actually made of two towers that are 40 story high, connected between each other at their two uppermost stories with the help of an escalator and some bridges that cross in the center, where an atrium like space…

The stunning Turning Torso in Malmo, Sweden

By : Mark V | 16 Mar 2015 9:29 pm | Skyscrapers

Located in Malmö, Sweden, on the Swedish side of the Öresund strait, the HSB Turning Torso is the tallest skyscraper in Sweden and the Nordic countries. At the time the building was completed it was also the tallest skyscraper in Scandinavia, the highest residential structure in the EU and the second tallest residential building in all Europe, the first building being the Triumph Palace in Moscow (264 metre/866 ft). The Torso Tower was officially opened on the 27 of August,2005…

The beautiful Kingdom Centre in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

By : Mark V | 14 Mar 2015 9:56 pm | Skyscrapers

The city of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia has a marvelous skyscraper called Al Mamlka Tower, also known as Kingdom Centre for the rest of the world. It`s a famous tower since it is the second tallest skyscraper in Saudi Arabia, with a height of 302.3 m (992 ft). It occupies the third place as the tallest building to have a hole in the world (the first positions being occupies by Shanghai World Financial Center and Tuntex Sky Tower). The tower…

Kingdom Tower will be the tallest tower in the world

By : Mark V | 8 Feb 2014 1:27 am | Skyscrapers

Prince Alwaleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia plans to build the tallest building in the world in the next years that’s going to be dubbed as the Kingdom Tower and will be located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The tower will be the center piece of the Kingdom city development in Jeddah and will be around 175 meters/568 feet taller than the current tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The Saudi prince picked a construction company from…

Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower in Tokyo, Japan

By : Mark V | 11 Feb 2012 8:58 pm | Featured, Skyscrapers

The Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower functions as an educational facility and it’s a 204 meters high skyscraper (669 ft) located in the district of Shunjuku, Nishi-Shinjuku in Tokyo, Japan. Three institutions have found a home in this tower: HAL Tokyo (special technology and design college), Shuto Ikō (medical college) and Tokyo Mode Gakuen (fashion vocational school). The Tower is considered to be the second tallest educational building in the world and it`s the 17th tallest building in Tokyo,after it was…

The BMW Welt invites you in the BMW World

By : Mark V | 31 Oct 2011 1:28 am | Landmarks, Museums
BMW Welt MŸnchen
Aufnahme Datum Oktober 2007

BMW Welt actually means BMW World and the name of this building pretty much sums it up. The facility functions as an exhibition area and it`s also customer friendly oriented. Its location is in Munich,Germany near BMW Headquarters and Olympiapark. The BMW Welt exhibits the current products from BMW but it also functions as a distribution center for BMW cars. Apart from that the company decided that this place can very well host event forums and it can also have…

The Shanghai Tower J-Hotel will open in 2014

By : Mark V | 22 Oct 2011 12:01 am | Skyscrapers

The Shanghai Tower J-Hotel will be the highest hotel in the world and the second tallest building when it will be finished in 2014, being the tallest skyscraper in China as well. Its location will be in the middle of the financial and trade zone in Shanghai, Lujiazui, next to Jin Mao tower and Shanghai World Financial Center. It is 632 meters high and it has 128 stories. The Houston-based architectural designer called Marshall Strabala designed the tower. He is…

The beautiful Aqua Tower in Chicago

By : Mark V | 10 Oct 2011 5:33 pm | Skyscrapers

Located in Chicago, the Aqua Tower is an 82-story high skyscraper that has multiple uses. It functions as a hotel, it also has an office space, it includes apartments, condominiums and a parking lot. It covers over 1.9 million sf. Its trademark is the green roof terrace-it’s one of Chicago’s largest terraces. Placed at 80.000 sf it has its own outdoor pool, a yoga terrace, gardens, a running track and fire pits. The designers wanted to capture the idea of…

The Strata Tower in Abu Dhabi, UAE

By : Mark V | 5 Oct 2011 5:23 pm | Skyscrapers

We are all waiting to see The Strata Tower finished. It is still a work in progress, located in Abu Dhabi. Word has it that it will be completed in a couple of weeks. We know that the United Arab Emirates are renowned for their breathtaking skyscrapers but The Strata Tower is considered to be one of the most beautiful buildings in the entire country. The location of the tower is in the Al Dana precinct and the skyscraper will…

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