T Park by CUBE Architecten

By : Dennis Franklin | 3 Oct 2014 1:09 pm | Other

T Park is a redevelopment of a store that was transformed into an office building by the practice of CUBE Architecten and it is located in a plaza on Jodenbreestraat in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, being a part of a new housing concept.

The design began with a competition won by Cube and thus they created a semi-public plaza that can be used for eating, drinking, working and interacting. There are a lot of functional areas that were created with simple volumes to be easily reconfigured and there is a new reception desk that links the plaza with the rest of the building.

There are plant cages and birch trunks mixed into the design along with glass doors and gray and brown tones to connect with the outdoors. There are wooden sheds placed between the trees and the plants proved quite a challenge to integrate into the project with electric hoists keeping them hanging and they are lowered each month for maintenance.


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