Suspended Walkway Between Buildings by Zalewski Architecture Group

By : Dennis Franklin | 17 Feb 2015 9:41 pm | Other

This suspended walkway offers an original and exciting new way of accessing buildings through a walk-on balcony above the center courtyard of a structure located in Gliwice, Poland and it was designed by the Zalewski Architecture Group.

The courtyard is quite dull and the view from the third floor office needed some diversity, so the designers added a green path to change the view of the inhabitants as well as bring them a new way of relaxing or taking a short walk.

The “office to office” pathway was filled with grass and the mounting method was quite simple if the walls of the houses became the supports. The shading of the lower levels was reduced through keeping the path as simple as possible and the winding form makes it even narrower leading to a width of only 80 cm. The palate was made from polished metal and this makes it appear narrower from below with the bending bows mirroring the surroundings and thus blurring its edges.

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