The Suit by AnLstudio

By : Dennis Franklin | 18 Jan 2014 1:09 pm | Other

The Suit Convention Hall designed by the AnLstudio is located on the tenth and the top floor of a building in the centre of the fashion scene in Guanhzhou, China.

The most important things taken into consideration during the design were the functionality and symbolic status of the event hall as well as its role as a convention center, so the designers improved the illumination and sound capacities of the hall.

Since the project was a renovation, the designers tried to work with the original foundation but to bring it up to date rearranging the initial layers and the seats of the space so that the result is a cohesive whole. The multifaceted surface allows the interior to gain the illusion of extra volume and it encloses the installations.

The runway and stage is the visual focal point in the entire hall enhanced with the addition of lights lining the diagonal runway. The polygonal surfaces have soundproof wood panels above them to ensure ideal sound transmission and the entrance lobby has a minimalist aesthetic to increase the impact you have when entering into the Suit.



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