Sugamo Shinkin Bank by Emmanuelle Moureaux

By : Dennis Franklin | 30 Jan 2015 7:56 pm | Other

The Sugamo Shinkin Bank in Nakaaoki, Japan was designed in 2014 by the architect Emmanuelle Moureaux with the concept of a rainbow melody as the main theme so the project is extremely uplifting to follow the motto of the company which is “we take pleasure in serving happy customers”.

The project is the fourth branch designed by Emmanuelle Moureaux and the interior is also created by her as a great setting with a clear orientation toward hospitality. The bank is on the corner of a large intersection and the constant agitation led to a façade that would fit the location with a changing look from each side due to the colors seeming to create their own rhythm in a manner similar to that of a melody.

The 12 cubes have small elevated gardens inside them to portray the changing of the season through flowers like marigold, lavender and even olive trees. These gardens offer a great view from the first floor and from the cafeteria on the second level as well while also filtering the sunlight and adding a natural touch to the interior.


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